Crime prevention
Crime prevention
The Crime Prevention / Victim Protection Department is your direct point of contact when it comes to obtaining valuable advice on crime prevention.

We provide you with free information on how you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. Our topics are diverse: whether it's the prevention of violent crimes, helpful tips on burglary protection, types of fraud against older people or the prevention of various types of cybercrime.

We also provide information on the manifestations and effects of dealing with legal or illegal addictive substances. In addition, we also refer people seeking advice to help facilities.

The employees of this police department work closely with other authorities/institutions, for example schools, on prevention issues and contribute their police-specific expertise to interdisciplinary prevention projects and networks.

Have you been the victim of a crime? We can also provide you with help and advice.

Tips and information on current scams and other prevention topics can be found on our prevention tips page.


Our topics and your contacts at a glance:

Victim protection

As part of our victim protection activities, we contact people affected by crime - victims, witnesses and relatives.

Contact with a victim is established

  • through other police officers (filing a report or processing a case)
  • through whistleblowers from the victim's personal environment
  • through information that arises from the police situation.

Our victim protection tasks include advising, supporting and assisting victims of crime and referring them to suitable advice centers.

Objectives in victim protection are

  • Information and education about victims' rights and the further course of the proceedings
  • Assistance and explanation of appropriate behaviour for the injured party
  • Avoidance of secondary victimization.

The consultations take place by telephone or in a personal meeting, in close coordination with other victim support institutions and organizations.

Your contact: Marion Laßka

Further information on victim protection at the Düren criminal investigation department

Burglary protection

What technical means can I use to make crime more difficult or prevent it? This is the central question for Technical Prevention.

We try to use our police knowledge of offenders and their methods to analyze your problem and propose a workable solution. We are widely networked and have access to the expertise of many partners who help us with this work. Because only those who know how perpetrators work can assess which measures work.

In principle, we provide advice on the premises of our office, 52349 Düren, Aachener Str. 28. For a vulnerability analysis, we will come to your home and advise you free of charge, product- and company-neutral. We have information material available for you and, if you wish, we can accompany you until your security measures have been completed. If the implementation complies with our security recommendations, you will receive the "Zuhause sicher" network badge from us. Please call us to arrange an appointment.

Your contact: Dietmar Schorn

The burglary protection compass will give you an initial assessment of the topic. Further information can be found on the themed page of the state police.

Crime against senior citizens

Whether "false police officers", deceptive sweepstake promises or scams in connection with the coronavirus - we provide information about the old and new tricks of the various groups of perpetrators.

Through a constant dialog and exchange of information, we regularly inform senior citizens' associations, residents and employees of care facilities, social groups and interest groups about the ways in which these crimes are committed.

Of course, we also offer individual consultations - by telephone or in person. Learn to recognize the tricks of the scammers at an early stage and avoid crimes to your disadvantage through your behaviour.

Your contact: Markus Gerhold

Further information and on the topic of crime to the detriment of senior citizens.

The Gütersloh district police authority has produced an audio book on the subject of grandchild fraud. You can listen to it on the authority's website.


With the "Prevention of Cybercrime" work area, we are pursuing the goal of raising awareness of the dangers hidden behind digital technologies. It is just as important to raise awareness of how personal data is handled on the internet.

In this sense, the police in the area of cybercrime prevention deal with cyberbullying in its various forms as well as cyberattacks on companies.

We offer you the opportunity to obtain advice on the various topics by telephone or in person. We also offer information events and presentations for parents, teaching staff, educational professionals and other relevant persons. We support team-based projects at schools from secondary level I onwards.

Your contact. Marion Laßka

Further information on the topic Cybercrime

Prevention of violence

We provide information about the various forms of violence and their effects. Among other things, we offer information events for authorities, institutions and similar groups in which we promote safety-oriented behavior and an improved sense of security. We provide contacts to local advice centers and other help facilities.

We do not conduct any training that goes beyond providing information and advice.

Your contact: Markus Gerhold


Stalking / domestic violence

Both stalking and domestic violence are phenomena that occur in all walks of life. A stalker wants their attention...

This can happen through phone calls or messages at all times of the day and night, through supposedly chance encounters in the home or workplace or even "just" by leaving a rose in the bicycle basket every day. The stalking victim feels increasingly harassed, followed, observed and restricted as a result.

Domestic violence means: violence within living arrangements. It is usually directed against women - but not exclusively. Experiencing violence within the family, which is supposed to be a safe haven, can cause severe trauma, feelings of powerlessness, psychosomatic symptoms and even depression in the victims.

Children who are affected suffer particularly, not only from violence they experience themselves, but also from violence between the adults they love and on whom they depend.

Your contact: Marion Laßka

Further information on the topics of domestic violence and stalking

Sexualized violence / abuse of children

Sexualized violence can take many different forms: Insults on a sexual basis, sexually motivated touching against the victim's will or an act of violence with the threat of violence...

One thing is certain: every sexually motivated assault is a violation of the victim's privacy and can lead to severe trauma. In cases of child sexual abuse, the perpetrators are often very perfidious. They bind the minors to themselves by establishing a relationship of trust and then threaten to withdraw it or use other scenarios to force their victims into secrecy. Only the perpetrators are to blame for such crimes, never the children!

Your contact: Marion Laßka

Further information on the topic of sexualized violence

Juvenile delinquency

We inform, sensitize and clarify with regard to various manifestations of child and youth crime. We advise parents, teachers, educators as well as the children and young people themselves.

At the same time, we are in active contact with local youth welfare offices, social workers, schools and other groups and institutions involved in child and youth welfare.

Your contact: Markus Gerhold

Further information on the topic of child and youth crime


We provide information about different drugs, their effects and ways of distribution and clarify legal aspects of drug possession and trafficking.

We support local counseling centers and preventive institutions in Düren and, above all, support school projects and events on the subject of drug abuse.

In information events, we help parents, teachers and responsible persons to counteract the negative effects of drug abuse through education.

Your contact person: Markus Gerhold


Politically motivated crime

In suspected cases and crimes that could be linked to political or religious motives, relatives, observers and witnesses often have uncertainties and questions:

How should I react? Who can I turn to? Where can I get advice?"

We provide advice on various areas of politically or religiously motivated crime in the form of individual or group counseling sessions, at schools or other institutions. We create prevention concepts and support their implementation. We offer information events for those affected and multipliers.

Your contact: Gerd Königs

Further information on the topic of politically or religiously motivated violence

Urban crime prevention

Safety from crime is an existential human need. Urban crime prevention has an important role to play in the area of conflict between security and freedom. In urban development, it can help to defuse areas of fear and avoid crime hotspots from the outset.

We advise the responsible municipalities, urban planners and architects on the new development and redesign of urban districts and construction areas. Take advantage of our forensic and criminological expertise for your planning and decisions in cities and municipalities.

Your contact: Dietmar Schorn


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